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    Charity Golf Outings

Man Makes $4500.00 While Drinking Coffee

Robert came to us one day a few years ago. He had been sitting around having coffee with his buddies, trying to come up with an idea for raising money for a charity. Going over some ideas, he decided that a golf outing would not only be a great way to raise money, but a fun event that could include his friends. Robert was able to gather 36 players and with our help, the backing of 44 sponsors. In the one day of fun golf, Robert and his friends raised over $4,500 for his charity.

This is an actual story from our archives of successful golf events. You can combine golf and fund raising in an affordable package so all of your supporters can afford to participate and you can get them involved in your cause. We have more successful stories to tell, so call us, spend a few minutes with us and see if we can help your charity raise more money.

We know that organizing and running a fund raising event is a lot of work and takes time. We can help reduce your workload and help cut the time necessary to put on a successful event. We have created for you a Six-Step Guide to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction of outing planning and fund raising. We want to give you the tools to make it work. Just click below for this guide.

Executing a a successful event does not have to be a daunting task. Sure it takes time to plan, but a few well utilized hours can produce a player list and a commtted group of sponsors for your event.  Check out the outing guide and call us today to take the worry out of planning your fund raising event!

6-Easy Steps to a Successful Golf Event

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