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    Course Rates

 Golf Rates for 2024 

 Each tee time will be priced on our online tee times page. Early booking will result in you getting
the best price at the time of booking. Scroll through our Book Tee Time page and you will see where the best pricing is available.  

Pick YOUR right TIME
for YOUR right PRICE!
 Rates are constantly updating based on factors such as:
the day of the week, the time of the day, Michigan weather, and 
most importantly golfer demand for specific tee times.
Get the time and price you want by 
booking in advance to take advantage of our "UP TO"
30-day booking window.
 Friday & Saturday & Sunday & Holidays
  9 Holes with cart before 11am   $40  
  9 holes with cart after 11am  $35 to $40  
  18 holes with cart    $59 to $66  
  18 holes walking $44 to $48  



 Monday Through Thursday (Not Holidays)
18 Hole and 9 Hole  times are restricted due to golf league committments
 Price includes power cart  
18 Holes with cart before 1 PM  $47 to $53  
9  Holes with cart  prior to 3 PM  $34 to $38  

Seniors 60 & Over / Juniors 17 & under with Cart
Monday through Thursday prior to 1PM
9 Holes  $28 to $32  
18 Holes  $38 to $42  
Friday, Saturday, Sunday  and Holidays  
9 holes before 11:00am $40  
9 holes after 11 AM  $35 to $40  
18 holes $49 to $56  


6-Hole Short Course 
Monday Through Thursday
 6-Hole Short Walking  $9.50
6-Hole Short with Cart *
*Carts not available 4pm to 6:45 on weekdays prior to Labor Day
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays
6-Hole Short Walking  $11.50
6-Hole Short with Cart 

All rates will change as we move through the season

Check back with us.

The Rates are adjusted for spring, summer, and fall and reflect the rack rate for golf or golf and cart.  Please note that Seniors are 60+ and Juniors are 17 and under and still in school..

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